We portend to  look at things according to what suits us and benefits us, we tend to perceive other people in certain way because they sin differently from us, instead we see them as people who lack morals we see them as unnatural, we tend to label them as weirdos,retarded  and ungodly….is that what God wants? Is that what we call humidity, or do we just have different senses of humanity.why do we love purifying ourselves as if we are saints, while we as human beings portend evilness, why do we love making other people feel like they don’t have a sense of identification in our society, where do we get  authority to say that our perception is righteous towards what others oppose. Perception is what devides the world , we are categorised according to our status quos, social classes just because we tend to think differently, have different social values…is that a good thing or bad thing. Be couscious…


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