Masks do fall off


U may think since u have a taxi full of fans and everyone laughs along to your jokes you the most loved, truth is more than a half of those people don’t really care, infact 90 percent want you down. You go  around telling your so called best friend about ur family issues, love affairs and personal matters, expecting some sort of comfort and support or even expecting them to be happy for u, some may stay real but also remember some are actually pleased with ur suffering. Not everyone is real, and not everyone is what you think they are, nevertheless not everyone have same intentions as you are. It’s okay to love people and do them good but expect them not to return the favour, your closest friends are the first to laugh at your downfalls, it’s sad how we can’t differentiate between real and unreal people but they do eventually expose themselves, be warned not everyone is real with u, masks do fall off.


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