Friends and family as enemies

Strangers have no reason to hate us, most of the time hatred comes from the competition within your circle, where friends and family hates you for your sense of styleand  hates you for the fact that you’ve got your life together,and Bongani hates u because your life is settled the way they desire your life believe it or not they keep u closer just to keep track of your life not because there’s some sort of care and fiduciary duty. Half of the time they make you believe that someone else is hating on u sit won’t be easy for you to see that they are ur enemies, in most  the mother calls u over so u can come tell them your weaknesses and they can use it against you, Family by blood does not necessarily mean I owe u love or care of some sort but it means if we don’t succeed together I will hate you and its final, it means I’ll pretend and make as if I’m happy for you, I’ll portray how much I care for u yet I’m hoping it all comes to an end , i hope your life fails and your dreams come to nothing, it shows how life is so unpleasant.


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