The ANC has won many municipalities throughout the country (mostly in rural areas) and lost the most economically powerful municipalities, this is where they effectively lost the election, they lost power due to many reasons (Zuma, Zuma and so on) we all have to admit at some point in our lives, we all called the ANC our home… but the continued self-serving and self-inflicting gun shots to the head were too much to bare..

The ANC keeps insisting that they saved us from apartheid and with that we owe them our votes… wait a minute Mr president! I am a product of the environment you placed in, I am a “clever black” I lost out on 9/12, I was listening when the constitutional court said you broke your oath of office, am I aware of what is happening in the SAA, the hawks, the treasury, SARS, SAPS, SABC, Eskom and even in my once beloved ANC, I am aware because I am a clever black!

The failure to set the right tone for growth in our country is a great concern, instead, Mr president talks about race, dabbing in rallies,  which looks ridiculous and also  R9 million spent on cars,jets and the  money that was supposed to sustain the  police department.

Mr president has divided not only the ANC but the country too, the  continued weak debates about race, and silencing the voices, that seek to reason and be mindful of individual rights, is a low blow to the ANC, that was once know for its intellectual capacity…

So now the DA and EFF has made grows, and I support both, yes even if it is to spite you… grow African children, do not use excuses to hide your failures, you fail until you get what you want.

The ANC lost, all of South Africa won!


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