Be in charge of your life


Have u ever found yourself somewhere  in a place where u never planned to see yourself? found yourself gazing over a surrounding that you  feel it’s unpleasant and you ask yourself how you got there because you had everything under control? From  the perspective of how you see things , it might be that your dreams were not big enough to excite you and scare you at the same time , you find yourself taking every glance of your journey  for granted. Might also be who do you mingle with, who your friends are, what type of people do u keep in your life, do they inspire you? motivate you?, evaluate your life of who do you keep and let go , by that you have the right equipment, by right tools I mean a good challenging goal. The only  support that you need is to FOCUS, which is the idealist,  where you find yourself lost, looking  at the journey you’ve walked in life and try to figure out where it all went wrong. Well life is not easy , JUST  KEEP YOURSELF IN YOUR LANE AND EVERYTHING SHALL FALL INTO PLACE.


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