Don’t rush to get old


Walking down memory lane, remebering how I used to leave home early in the morning and return dusk demesnes of the night. when I was still a care free, always in trouble but it never hit and  stressed me and, but growth took its tall, happiness faded, life got real, became a teenager which was also was the best time of my life. Rushed to adulthood and now If I could I would shrink back to my childhood,  being an adult sometimes it’s like a  torture. Looking at various things that one has to go through, talking about too much responsibility, hella lot of heartbreak and a pile of stress,  people betraying you, so much challenges physically and mentally, you can name them all. Only to have flash memory of how mommy would worry about what I will eat and Daddy would worry about how my needs and wants are gonna be satisfied, those were the days. Now its all up to me nd me alone, I worry about my own breakfast and supper certainly can’t expect someone else to take responsibility of some sort, I fear that kids nowadays grow up too fast before they could have the best time of their lives, I spent my childhood wishing I was older and now spending Adulthood wishing I was younger. As J.M Barrie says: ‘ Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience… & pimples’


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