Be the change

I just saw disturbing  video from social media of man getting raped by two. I was disgusted by  comments that some of people had to say about the  victim. This made me realize that our society is ignorant with such issues that tarnishes  our society. I read a comment of a man saying that he would really love to be raped by those two women , some people were saying he just too weak. I was really disturbed emotionally because the poor guy was scared for his life, but people saw that as weakness . It got me thinking that if it was a woman it would be a norm and people would urge for justice but because it is a man people reacted differently . Same with the incident that happened in Polokwane where another man was also sexually assaulted by 3 women . I think there are lot of men who probably went through the same thing but they were ashamed of unleashing and telling the  truth because of how society will end seeing it and label it. I think the government should propose a campaign of creating awareness of such issues and educate the communities on how to deal with such cases.



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