Is experience a measure of wisdom?


Photo credit: Zak Noli

I don’t know whether I should say that age is just a number or actually it’s a measure of experience. You find people who are old enough doing things that are offish and also lacks reasoning capacity regarding life experience in general. We as earthlings we have certain people that we follow when it comes to nurturing our wisdom and getting guidance from them. But I don’t know whether we as people are aware that we get to experience things differently in terms of getting different ideologies and perception towards life. I believe that in this world we all have different paths that God has designed for us regarding life in general. So I wouldn’t say there is a master of life or wisdom. In psychology they say that a human being has open pace, hidden pace and blind pace where no one knows about  and even yourself you wouldn’t be able to foresee, it can only  be unfolded in the future. The  bottom line is you should make your own mistakes and make  your own experience.


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