Drawing that gets to define escapism

 by Mark Leone

We all have to escape from reality, but society has a different perception when it comes to running away from our problems. Instead we perceive escapism as a waste of time, which gets to unfold how we take things seriously. This ideology gets to intensify our freedom of expression when it comes  to our critical thinking, problem solving and  our creativity , which makes it difficult for people to adjust. It is okay to just  zone out of reality and fantacize about caprivated things which gets to unleash the purity and power of mind. Sometimes it is good to actually release tension and get the desire to escape into lives of other people (fictional people) and forget your burdens and problems for a while. It’s good for your mind to watch soapies, movies, series and even indulge yourself with literature books or anything that you might find amusing and helps you escape. Some people might see such activities as a waste of time , where they get to think that in life you only get to escape from reality when you are six feet underground. This is one of factors that gets to deceive people and steal the hope of them,  escaping from reality. It is time to feed your soul and liberate your  imagination with escapism.

#Escape from reality with your own imigination.

Tomlinson, M & Bandawe, C 2011.Introduction to psychology , fresh perceptives: Pearson prentice hall South Africa.


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