I really admire individuals who end up completely broke and still have a courage and hope to wake up, because deep down they know that there is still hope and they can still amend their mistakes. People who still have  the courage to keep fighting and striving for new things, then fight and pull off with gigantic miracle that inspires the entire world and fulfill all their dreams along the way. Such people make it clear that we are really extraordinary and divine  humans (Earthlings). The energy that we all humans portend its quite deep and mysterious and capable of crawling to anything, which gets unfold  our limitlessness.  As long you are able to breath and able to make conscious decision to unlock the power of your own mind , nothing can chain or stop you in this world.  No matter the level of difficulty or obstacles that you might face. So in this life you must fight, hustle ,have fun and unleash those crazy ideas and dreams to reality .Mendell Grinter, a man who used to be homeless once said on“If you believe in yourself first , you are unstoppable” this should be courageous enough for anything who feels like giving up.

“if you believe in yourself first , you are unstoppable”

Reference list

Mark Clinton, 2010. Forbes USA magazine :New York  viewed  26 November 2016.  http://people who made it from being homeless


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