Waiting room


Photo credit by Iavan Pijoos

This poem gets to express the 11 illegal miners who were taking shifts  to wait for one another incase something happens to other group . While the two miners were waiting outside the mine collapsed. So this poem gets to express the sadness and the sorrow of one of illegal mine survivor and what he had to experience. According to news 24 there is a rapid increase of illegal miners who sneak into mine shaft that are no longer operating to digg gold to sustain and make life out “Zama zama”. This leads to high number increase of deaths of illegal miners and also who end getting trapped in the process of digging. The poem will elaborate further when it comes how one of survivor felt after the incident.

Someone  summon  the  village  digger Tell  him  nine  graves  are needed Awaken  the crier For  today  nine  families  mourn  their sons The  night  will  be  long  and  dark Sleep  will fail  to  wrestle  our restless  soul into  submission Our  mothers will  sing  us a  sorrow-filled  lullaby As  though  attempting  to  usher  us into  a  tranquil  sleep This  is somehow  a  reality, For  when morning  comes  nine  son  will fail  to  rise Tomorrow The  whole  village  will adorn  their frail  skeletons  with  black Regalia  suited  for  those  who  were  the  mourner’s  crown We  went  down into  that  mine, To  steal riches from  the  earth Ignorant  of  the  fact  that all  actions have  equal and  opposite  reactions One  cannot  take  from  the  earth without  sacrificing  something  of  equal value There  are  question  moving  in  almost  silent  whispers  from  ear  to  ear What  possessed them  to  do  it? Where  they  compelled by  these  trying  times? Where  they  moved by  ungodly  ambitioins? I  do  not  have  the  answers I  am just  one  of two that  survived Since  I  am  the  only  one  who  stands  here  literate I  have  been  tasked  with  writing  this here  orbituary

Reference list

Iavan Pijoos & Lerato Sajako on16 September 2016. Viewed on the  27 October 2016 http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/watch-trapped-illegal-miners-sneak-out-before-cops-arrive-20160912.


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